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Engelska 6A Writing: Who are You?

Hej! Här är exempel att härma som vi gick igenom på lektionen 🙂

In my spare time I like to go hiking. I also like to sing and play guitarr sometimes.
Most of the time I like to be with my friends.
When we meet we often watch a film and eat something.
We play games on the computer and listen to music.
Some of us play in a band.
I am learning to play the piano, but I am not that good at it yet.

I like to go fishing
I like to play basket ball

I like to…..
I also like…
I used to like…
When I’m bored I like to…
I don’t like to…
I wanted to…

My favorite color is…
My favorite sport is…
My favorite tv show is….
My favorite book is….
My favorite movie is ….

I hate when my parents never close my door.

When I’m not with friends I use my phone very much.

I like to go shopping with my friends, when we go shopping we also go to a café.