Klass 9B engelska

June 1st

Today you will give back your English Books, Wings, to me while we continue to listen to Serial…

May 25

We will continue to listen…
It’s Baltimore, 1999. Hae Min Lee, a popular high-school senior, disappears after school one day. Six weeks later detectives arrest her classmate and ex-boyfriend, Adnan Syed, for her murder. He says he’s innocent – though he can’t exactly remember what he was doing on that January afternoon. But someone can. A classmate at Woodlawn High School says she knows where Adnan was. The trouble is, she’s nowhere to be found.

May 20th

Today we are going to start listening to a Podcast from USA. It is about a murder that took place in 1999. A reporter asks the question and performs a search into a murder case… Where was that high school kid for 21 minutes after school that special day? She is trying to figure out the alibi of a 17 year old boy.Let’s follow this amazing pod cast that everyone is talking about.

Learn English & Have fun!

May 18th

Här är veckans arbete i engelska. Fortsätt att träna hörförståelse och bygga ordförråd. Använd videoklipp med övningar till. Länken ligger nedan. Börja med ”Thank You, Mom” (eftersom det ju är Mors dag nästa vecka).
När du har gjort den väljer du själv de filmklipp som intresserar dig. Här finns det mesta i svårighetsgrad beroende på vilken förförståelse du har i olika ämnen och genrer 🙂

Se först introduktionsfilmen på några minuter, klicka därefter på länken nedanför och börja.

Här har du sidan med videorna 🙂

Kunskapskrav i fokus:
Du kan välja texter från olika medier och använda dem när du skriver och pratar.
Du kan förstå det mesta av innehållet i olika typer av texter.
Du förstår tydliga detaljer i texterna.

Vi ses i skolan!

11 May gullviva
Hi all! In tomorrows English class you will improve your listening skills and discuss a moral dilemma. Here’s the link to listening activities for you to check out beforehand if you like:) See you at school!
Improve your Listening skills

29 March
Hello! Today you make your films. Have a nice day. Film with your cell phones. One IPad is on my desk for the group that needs it.

If you can’t do the job today, you read a story on read theory.org.




See you on Thursday! Bodil

23 March
Hejsan! Idag har ni ingen vikarie för mig sista lektionen. Här har ni en utmaning istället: slå mina poäng på 765.
Det är ett spel för att träna upp vokabulär och ordkunskap.

Word Game


Today Tuesday you go to readtheory.org and level up your reading skills.
If you get time on your hands after that you can do another listening skills practise.

Have a nice day!

Hi all!

Let’s begin the spring semester discussing a few moral dilemmas.

Choose and read a dilemma here: Moral dilemmas

Read together in groups of two to four people.

Discuss the content for 5-10 minutes. Then share your reflections on the blog here.

See you at school:)



  • Check if you have posted a comment on Lovelocks below.If you have not done so – do it today.
  • E-mail your argumentative essay to me during class today, so I can give you feedback and feedforward on your text…

Läxa till nästa vecka: Läs sidorna 50 – 51 in Workbook och gör övningar B – D. Läxförhöret blir meningar som du ska översätta till engelska. Kom ihåg att nästa vecka ska din debattartikel också lämnas in.

See you at school 🙂

“When he shall die,
Take him and cut him out in little stars,
And he will make the face of heaven so fine
That all the world will be in love with night
And pay no worship to the garish sun.”

― William Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet

Who locked me?

Hi all! This is your assignment:

Read the text Locked in love on www.learnenglishteens, at British Councils web page. (Click link)
Locked in Love

Discussion in class: What do you think about ”Love locks”? Is it a silly superstition or the key to finding true love? and ”How many definitions of true love are there”? Try to talk about some.

Writing in class: Read three of the longer comments. Compose your own comment and post it here on the blog.
🙂 See you at school!



The assignment: Find a news item on the theme crime & punishments.
Make sure to use a reliable source.

Read, watch and or listen to the news.
Make a summary with your own words.

Present it live in class. Tuesday the 30th of September.

See you at school! 🙂

Week 37
Hi, let’s make Wednesday our Newsday!

You are to watch and/or listen to some news items from around the English speaking world.

Follow the link, listen to the show (4,5 minutes).
There is a quiz to do, it’s to be done in class.

Newsreel September

Remember to post your comment on Dexter below (if you haven’t done it)
And for next week you need to read the two texts on The Murder of JFk and The Great Train Robbery.
I will make a quiz based on facts from the texts and some words!

See you at school:)

Hi! It’s time for Monday’s assignment!

Read the text about Dexter. Work in pairs when you read the text and read loud (I will help team you up).

  • Read the text in your text book (pages 13 to 14 ).
  • When you have finished reading. Tell each other what you know about the show. Have you seen any episodes? Where is the show set? What happens during the episode you have seen?  What do you think about the crime drama?
  • Find facts on Jeff Lindsay to share in class.
  • Write a summary on your discussion and post & share it on the blog.

For next week you will learn the words  in the second column (on Crime and Punishments).


Hi, all! Here are some links and sites for us to use for different purposes in our English classes.

This is the link to Newsreel where you can watch news and do a quiz at the same time.
Newsreel and Quiz

31 thoughts on “Klass 9B engelska”

  1. Oskar, Koffe and Abbe
    The Trapped Mining Crew
    We all thought the best option was to let him die. although it’s inmoral it’s the smartest choice if they want to live. better to sacrfice a life and save 3 people than saving a life and killing 4.
    The Runaway Trolley
    The worksmen know the danger they expose themself to. A random stranger should not die cause he’s at the wrong place at the wrong time. In our opinion that’s highly inmoral.

  2. I think this is a romatic thing do but it does not mean that the couple will never break up. People change . you maybe are not in love with your boy/girlfriend after some years so I think it’s a very dumb idea to throw away the key. But it’s still a cute and romantic thing and maybe can the relationship get stronger.

  3. It´s cute but not that good of an idea. If you put up a padlock with your girlfriends/boyfriend name on it when your 20 and the you break up with the person it will stay there. I think if you go to work every day and see the place where the lock is that it´s not the funniest thing in the world. If you put a padlock up you have to think of the consequences or at least have a spare key at home.

  4. I think that it’s kinda cute and a little bit tempting to do but i don’t think that you will love the same person from the age of 25 untill you die. But if you attach a ”love lock” to the bridge and then break up with your love and the lock is still there it’ll be kinda awkward and you will think about it all the time.
    Otherwise from that i like the concept.

  5. I would made it if I was there whit my girlfriend, it’s so romantic to think of my relationship.
    But I don’t like false relationship because people may lie to you and it could be so wrong that it is having an affair.
    The relationship can be better if they “lock the love”!
    I think it’s romantic when you attach the lock and then throw away the key.

  6. I think that it’s kinda dumb, but at the same time it’s cool.
    Some people say that nothing lasts forever. I think so too. So it would be kinda awkward if you fall in love with an another person later. The lock will always be on your mind and the person you’ve loved before too and there’s nothing you can do about it. You can biring some tools and try to break it up, but I don’t know.
    But if you know that you will fall in love with the same person over and over again until you die, then there’s no problem with that.

  7. I think thats it is super cute! But maybe the love is not gonna last forever just beacuse you have locked a lock on a bridge. It is just not beacuse of a bridge that yor love is real. Many people dosen´t go to that bridge but their love is real and last forever anyway. It is very cool that is so many peoply who has locked a lock there from all around the world. They should build up it more so it isn´t so heavy. <3

  8. I like the idea, it’s really cute to show your love for someone with a lock. Even if you break up you will still have special feeling for them and the proof will be at the bridge. Because that second you put the lock there, was probably one of your most sweet and best moments.

  9. I don’t think you just fall in love just to get there. But if you got a boyfriend/girlfriend that’s a nice place to visit.

  10. To lock a padlock with your boyfriends/girlfriends name on and throw the key away is a cute idea. I don’t think it’s silly and it’s very romantic. But I don’t think that the relationship will last forever just because you ”locked your love” to the bridge. If you break up, it will be a reminder.

  11. In Japan a big tyfoon destroyed many houses and buildings.
    Even from space you could see the big tyfoon.
    The big storm has killed so far over 10-12 peapole.
    There’s water on the streets and chaos everywhere.

    It’s blowwing 66 windmeters per sec.
    It’s double the strength of a hurricane.

  12. 1.A man from California is accused of molesting at least five children in the age of 2- 14.
    He is also accused of showing pornographic picture and movies.
    63 year old Joseph Hyde coming from Santa Barbara has been in police custody for 2 weeks on a bali of 50000000$.
    It’s believed that there are more victims and then you should contact the police on the phone number 805684150.

    2.Hong Kong protests against the Beijing government for deciding on who is included in the selection.
    Hong Kong people want free and democratic elections.
    Thousands of Hong Kong people came on Sunday to demonstrate and protest when they were met by the police fired tear gas against demonstrators.
    The demonstrators were dispersed but later came back.
    Now we hope that the Beijing government listen.

  13. Iphone 6 plus bends.
    Apple has really failed with this one.
    Over the past few days, we’ve seen a handful of videos that reportedly illustrate a strange bending issue with Apple’s iPhone 6 Plus.
    They think there is a screw on the inside which is the cause.
    If Apple were to place the screw holes a little farther away from the button cutouts the reinforcing plate would be much more effective.

  14. Malcolm Young sick.
    Earlier this year a rumor came out about AC/DC guitarist Malcolm Young (61) were retiring due to illness. He is the brother of the hyped lead guitarist Angus Young (59) who also plays in the 40 year old band.
    The rumors said that he had dementia and lost all short sight memory. The band has now confirmed that the rumors are true and that Malcolm might retire from the band. He is now located in his home town Sydney, Australia for medical treatment. The lead singer Brian Johnson went out and said that the band will continue to play. A lot of sources are saying that Malcolm’s nephew Stevie Young (57) will replace him.
    The band have had massive success with over 200 million albums sold worldwide. The only member who’s been replaced was the singer Bon Scott. He got an alcohol poising and was replaced by Brian Johnson a short time after Bon passed away.
    The band have ask to all the fans to respect the private life of Malcolm under his illness and that another album might come out depending on the future.

  15. The 12 year old boy Jamarion stabbed a 9 year old boy on a playground.
    After the incident he ran to a neighbour and called 911. The Neighbour thought that he was calling his mother but he didn’t.
    He called 911 and said ‘’I stabbed someone, please pick me up I would like to end my life.’’
    Jamarion had taken several pills that day and he didn’t know the boy he stabbed at all. The 9 year old boy died later at the hospital.
    The victim had been on the playground with two other children, ages 9 and 7, when he was stabbed by Jamarion.
    There does not appear to have been any kind of argument or fight between the two boys, Kentwood Police said.
    He just stabbed him for no reason.
    He is charged for murder as an adult, but is processed through the juvenile system. He will receive a mental exam to see if he is competent to stand trial for the stabbing death of a 9-year-old boy.

  16. Angela Radtke was the hero this weekend, she smashed through a car
    window to save a 1 year old baby who had been in the car about 40
    minutes! A security guard was yelling at her, and telling her that she
    possibly would be arrested, but she just said ”I don’t care if I get
    arrested. I’m saving this baby.”

    But the law actually says ”If you voluntarily attempt to help someone who
    is in an urgent situation as a result of an accident or other emergency,
    then you are protected from any liability for damages that may result
    from your care.”

    The father of the child said he forgot the baby was in the car, and he’s now being charged with child endangerment.

  17. Crime
    Five evidence that police need to learn more about the shaming of rapevictims.

    1. In the summer of 2013 girls are more scantily clad. The police says that there are more rapes because of that.
    2. Girls who are drunk are more easy to rape because they are drunk and can’t do anything
    3. Girls who are at party are easy to rape to because they have high heels and with them they can’t run so fast.

    Raping is a really bad crime but the punishment is not so bad we sould make the punishment higher. In Sweden it’s hard to get punished for raping because they say that you need proof.

  18. According to shortnews.com 15 people were shot to death

    Last night in a night club in Miami 15 people were shot to death and one was just 11 years old. 100 shots were fired and it’s not clear why the shots were fired. All the victims are in Jackson Memorial Hospital.

  19. Dexter is about a guy who is killing for money . He also is a cop
    He killing peapole who have done bad things and deserves to die
    Dexters wife get killed in episode 5 i think . He have to raice hes baby one he own .

  20. Dexter seems like a very intresting series and sounds really good , it sounds like it happens much more and it’s not so slow as Midsomer Murders.

  21. Dexter is about a guy who is a serial killer. He is an assasin and he do it for money. he lives in a fancy aparment beacuase he is rich. dexter have two lifes. he have a regular and a crime life. i think he dosent like the other life and i think the series is very intresing i think iam gunna look at it when i get home!

  22. Caroline Graham is an english author. She has written seven detective novells about criminal inspector Barnaby. The novells are the base of the populare TV series (Midsummer murders) We have seen one show each. We think the show is good but we think the show is for older peapole

  23. I love Dexter’s show! I’ve seen many epiosodes of Dexter and I think that it is a really good series. It is very interesting and exiting to watch. I recommend everybody to watch it.

    I haven’t seen many epiosodes of Midsomer murders but I know what kind of show it is. I think it’s boring and that it’s a series for grown ups, but when I’m older I might like it 😀

  24. He is a cop, but he murder people. He investigates his own crimes. We haven’t seen it but it seems pretty insane. Jeff is a 62 years old American writer.

  25. Dexter is a great serie about a serial killer. He´s full name is Dexter Morgan. He has a sister named Debra. They work in homoside in Miami. He trys to catch serial killers on the day and kills serial murders. I have sen three seasons and William havent seen any episodes. The show is great and scarry. 9/10.

    -olle and william

  26. I’ve been watching Midsomer murders sometimes. I think that the show is kind of boring, mainstream and there are other shows and movies that are about the exact same thing like The Pink Panther. But I think that the Pink Panther is better because it’s funny and nothing in the movie is really serious.

  27. Jeff Lindsay is an american writer.
    He was born the 14th of July 1952 In Miami Florida, ( he is now 62 years old ).
    Lindsay lives with his wife and three daughters in Cape Coral Florida.
    He writes criminal novels.
    His most famous series is Dexter, the first book In the series of Dexter was nominated to an Edgar Award In the class of Best debutnovel.
    The TV series Dexter had Its premiere in 2006 and was based on the first book that Jeff Lindsay wrote about Dexter, but the next season of Dexter was not based on the second book that he wrote.

  28. I’ve never watched Dexter but the show sounds really intressting. There’s no other show that’s similar to Dexer and I think that it’s really good to find something new.


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